Bulk Rename

You select some files either in Alfred using the File Navigator or the File Buffer and use the File Action called "Rename with BulkRename", or select the files in Finder and use the hotkey to trigger the workflow for the selected files.

Once triggered, Alfred will display a preview option and a bunch of preset actions that you can select. The preview option will display the modifications that will be made for each preset action listed.


Here are a couple of snapshot portions of what you see when pressing the Shift key:

Append Sequence Number

Remove Spaces

Remove Last Word

Issues are highlighted so that you know if running a preset will work or not. Even if you run that preset, nothing will happen.

Preset Actions

There are 6 actions included as a sample, but you can easily create your own actions using the .list keyword.

Preset Actions

To create a new preset, type in .list . Delete a preset using Cmd+Enter

Each preset is nothing but a collection of simple steps that help make the preset action possible. For e.g. when you select the Append Sequence Number preset, you will be shown the preset editor:

Preset Example

What the above tell is that the Append Sequence Number preset is a collection of two steps:

  • add text '_seq' at end
  • add number from 0, at end

There are added to the preset using any of the steps [+] listed. You can add any number of steps to a preset, even the same ones over and over. You can delete an added step using Cmd+Enter

Node Example

When you add a new step to a preset, or edit an existing step by selecting it, you will be shown the Step Node Editor as above. The above is the example for the "Number Sequence" step, and for this step you can control what the starting number is, where the number should be added, and the format (leading zeros to be added). Items with a arrow -> are variables that you can change by pressing the Tab key. To add the step, just select the first option, and that step will be added to the Preset that you were viewing before.


Steps are the building blocks of each preset, and currently BulkRename has the following:

  • Find and replace: find text and replace with another, supports regex and plaintext, case sensitive and insensitive
  • Add text: add some text at the beginning or end of the filename
  • Add timestamp: add a timestamp at the beginning or end of the filename. Timestamp is one of current time, file created or modified time. YYYY,YY,MM,DD,hh,mm,ss can appear in the format string
  • Convert case: switch the case of the filename to lower, upper, or title
  • Strip text: remove x characters from the filename either at the start of end
  • Number sequence: append a running number sequence, starting from a value that you can specify
  • MP3 Tagger (beta): Extract MP3 tags from MP3 files
  • Regex group extractor: Regex group pattern extractor


  • The main keyword is .rename (but you would not have to type that in if you use the File Action or the Hotkey)
  • The second one to manage all your presets is .list
  • .preset and .node are keywords used by the workflow directly, and there is usually no need for you to type those in directly.